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  • radio (2019)

Listen to my interview (in german) published 10th of may 2019 about the name syndrome at the radio station swr3

  • article (2019):

My paper "Von der Unfähigkeit, andere mit ihrem Namen anzusprechen oder: Das Namenssyndrom" (the title means: "about not being able to adress others by their names, or: the name syndrome") was published 2019 in the journal: Beiträge zur Namenforschung!



This psycho-onomastic article deals with the inhibition of addressing a person with their name – a topic which has not been discussed before. It is based on a psychotherapeutical study, where internet forums dealing with issues such as ‘shyness’ or ‘social anxiety’ are studied. The phenomenon will be referred to as name syndrome. It is the aim of this article to document and explain the aforementioned inhibition for the very first time. The topic is reflected on and linked with relevant aspects of psychotherapy and philosophy on the basis of a case study, internet posts and the author’s personal expierence with people affected.

(For legal reasons, I can´t publish this article here before 2020. For interested persons it is possible to buy the article via the following link (in german).

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